Contra todos os conselhos que lhe deram, Rosie Gabrielle, saiu do seu país, o Canadá, e rumou às estradas do Paquistão da maneira que mais gosta: em cima da sua mota.



ANGEL ON EARTH 😇 SHIMSHAL, a tiny mountain village nestled in a far off valley. With only one access in,the narrow steep cliffs with daunting views and treacherous terrain, is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It takes about 4-6 hours to reach from the main road and is often threatened by landslides, snowfall and heavy rain, making the route impossible to pass at times. I struggled to reach the village as my health declined. By the next day I was stricken with a high fever, severe dehydration and couldn’t keep anything down. Lucky for me, there was a small clinic in this remote village. This is where I met Lal ❤️ . She had been working as the head nurse for 28 years. Her dream was to help people and saw a real need for a female practitioner & midwife, so she took some courses and began to work at the dispensary. There was no proper medical facility at the time, and only one other Dr. Lal was on call 24/7 and would be visited late into the night with requests for delivery. With her husband working afar, she would pack her 2 children with her as she made door to door house calls. In 2009 an NGO German couple built a small clinic and donated supplies. The Dr. has since retired in 2016 leaving Lal to fend for herself. 2 women staff have voluntarily joined to help, but they’re in desperate need for a Dr. Lal says many have come with good promises, but never last more than a month, the conditions are just not ideal for them. Their biggest need, an AMBULANCE 🚑 . If there is any emergency, they have to hire a private jeep to transport them to the nearest hospital which is 10 hours away, in awful conditions and dangerous roads. Lal also has to accompany the patient, leaving Shimshal without a nurse. She claims though Alhamdulillah, in all her years, they have never had a death. The gov’t pays Lal from 8-2, but all the other hrs are not accounted for. She has dedicated 28 years of her life to care for and service her community without one day off. She deserves a medal. But her biggest wish, is an ambulance and Doctor. If anyone can help, please let me know-> DM. Not looking for💰donations until I can facilitate something in Pk myself.

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Eu não gosto de viajar do ponto A ao ponto B dentro de um autocarro e perder tudo pelo caminho”, explicou a viajante, citada pela BBC.

Há três anos que percorre o mundo de mota e documenta as suas aventuras. Quando decidiu o destino da mais recente aventura, amigos e familiares tentaram que pensasse duas vezes antes de partir.

“A primeira coisa que ouvi foi: não vás para lá, é muito perigoso”.

Mas da experiência só tem boas recordações. “Não houve um momento em que me tenha sentido ameaçada ou desrespeitada”, contou.



FOMO; It’s a REAL THING 🙃 Right now as the world wavers through unchartered waters, we’re all kind of on a similar boat. The seas are rough and unpredictable with no sight of clear skies yet, and all we can do is sit and wait. In one way or another each person’s life has been changed, some more drastically than others. But what most have in common right now, is time. And, we can look at this situation with frustration, resentment or to try and power our way through it demanding answers. Or, we can take it for what it is and find the rainbow amongst the dark clouds. I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”, and although some people’s lives did get devastated by this crisis, and my heart empathizes with them deeply, I believe that even the “bad, horrible and ugly” happen FOR US. There have been many ways in which COVID19 have affected my current life, the most obvious one being; my travels (not the end of the world, but will share my thoughts) FREEDOM is my key to survival, and I will speak more on this in a future post, but without that I begin to crumble. FOMO <fear of missing out> it’s a REAL thing!! and a big reason as to why I’ve pushed myself to keep going over the years. I’m so afraid if I stop, that I will miss out. I’ve never allowed myself the time to fully emerge myself into a state of rest because the guilt and restlessness would ultimately consume me. But now, as the entire world has nearly shut down, I really can’t go anywhere and I’m not missing out! So this precious time, is actually a huge GIFT to me. And although I still struggle with “resting” and that’s a whole other topic to dive into. This time has given me the opportunity to dive deeper, have a better understanding of myself, observe my habits and thoughts, and heal old wounds. Without a drop of guilt that I’m not out having an adventure. What has this situation shown you or given you the opportunity to accomplish, and what are you GRATEFUL for during this time? I’d love to hear what you’ve learnt ❤️

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Rosie passou cinco meses a percorrer aquele país. Sem equipas de filmagens ou qualquer segurança, a canadiana viaja sempre sozinha.

E conta que uma vez ficou sem gasolina e que lhe ofereceram combustível no meio da estrada.

“As pessoas são incríveis e isso abre-nos a mente. Isso inspira-me”, sublinhou.



How to SURVIVE COVID19 Over the past few days, I found myself growing increasingly frustrated (very guilty!) Not only is the situation growing more complicated by the day where I currently am (and all are), but I noticed myself beginning to be really affected by all the energy and drama that was being stirred around. I recognized that I wanted to latch onto any comfort and control I had left, as anger oozed from my veins. Demanding answers and protesting my opinions on the matter. I forgot the very lesson this is teaching me. That we are not in control. Not one single bit. And this is a beautiful time to surrender to that idea completely. (I’m a massive control freak so this time is very special for me😁) That we can spend all of our energy fearing the unknown, planning our escape,or passionately protest our views of what we think is happening. giving away our power, depleting our energy and all that we have left. So, if we have no control over the crisis, what do we have control of? How we react to it, how we spend our energy and what we focus on. With all this chaos, my focus has been completely re-directed. I went into “control” mode. “I must plan next steps, i must know what’s going on, I must care how others are freaking out”. And as a very sensitive empath, I can tell you I was getting hit hard. So hard, that I forgot my main focus and who I was. I spent all my energy on trying to control everything, when the very lesson was to release control. Because really, in life, no one has control over ANYTHING. Everything is in God’s will. Yes, even a Pandemic. It is a prime time to step up and practice surrendering control and to step into our light. How can we remain calm inside, while there is chaos outside. How can we love and spread positivity more, when all we feel is doom and gloom. How can we stand with each other, in a time when we can’t even see each other. How do we intentionally cut out all the negativity and focus on love and support, for ourselves and others? For me, one of the best practices for getting out of my head and getting into a state of gratitude is movement How are you coping in these times, and what is your biggest struggle?

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A sua primeira aventura em duas rodas começou pelo Sudeste Asiático e percorreu 12 mil quilómetros ao passar pela Tailândia, Vietname, Laos e Cambodja.



Lara Ferin